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Topical Options | 82F and 82M

-By Hair Team Manager Linda Loria, MSN, RN, CNE Topical and oral medications are the foundation of the treatment of hair loss and thinning hair, and they are on the first rung of the treatment clinical ladder at the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration.  What if it was possible to combine the ingredients from an effective topical medication (minoxidil), with a proven oral medication to treat hair loss (finasteride)?  This was a question the physicians at the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration, Dr. Vito Quatela and Dr. Heather Lee, had been researching and now would like to share the results … Continue reading

At-Home Help for Hair

-By Hair Team Manager Linda Loria, MSN, RN, CNE In a previous blog, we discussed possible causes of hair loss.  Along with the use of certain medications, hormones and medical disorders, we mentioned stress as something that can contribute to thinning hair.  We are all experiencing a unique amount of stress whether it is from stay-at-home orders designed to protect us all, families who find themselves looking for unique ways to entertain children while trying to keep up with their virtual studies, or concern for our older family members. With increased stress, we sometimes see increased hair loss.  While we … Continue reading

FUE Using the Dutch Method

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement, Dr. Quatela, Dr. Lee and the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration have updated the method by which they perform follicular unit extraction, or FUE.  The Dutch method, or WAW foot pedal system, has been adapted for FUE cases.  This method provides the physicians with a handheld, motorized system that employs the use of a trumpet-shaped punch which allows for more precise harvesting of quality grafts in a shorter period of time without the use of suction.  The procedure is still performed under local anesthetic with mild relaxant medications. Benefits of … Continue reading

Female hair loss and the psychological effects

We chat with Linda Loria, MSN, RN, CNE, Hair Team Manager at the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration, about the psychological effects of hair loss in women and how hair restoration surgery can help regain self-confidence. With the recent news actress Ricki Lake publicly shared recently regarding her 30-year struggle with hair loss, we felt it may be helpful to provide some facts and share some of our observations regarding women and hair loss. Lake states that while she always had fine hair, during the part she played as the lead on the musical Hairspray, her character required many chemical … Continue reading

The latest surgical option for hair loss, FUE with the NeoGraft™ system

Hair loss is common, affecting approximately 40 million men and 21 million women, but that does not make it any less embarrassing or frustrating.  In the past, the options that were available were not always natural-looking or best suited for each patient.  Fortunately, there are now safe, long-term solutions for hair loss using each individual’s own hair.  The Quatela Center for Hair Restoration offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art options available to accommodate each person’s unique situation and treatment needs.  If you are looking for a customized approach to restore your confidence, read below for more information about one of the … Continue reading